Grade Ten

8 Yrs Old Christina Wei Plays The Folk Song
Ranfei Wang Plays Variations on Theme
8 Yrs Old Christina Wei Plays Romanian Folk Dance
Mimi Meng Plays Sonata in G Major OP14 No2
Mimi Meng Plays Arabesque No 1 by Debussy
Mimi Meng Plays Study in A Minor by Czerny
Jiaxu Chang Plays Sonata H33 in D Major
Ranfei Wang Plays Variations on the Nightinale
Jiaxu Chang Plays Spring Dance by YQ Sun
Mime Meng play Aufschwang by Schumann
Jiaxu Chang play Spring Dance by YIqing Sun
Mimi Meng Plays Variations in A minor
Jiaxu Chang Plays The Folk Song Suite
Yiran Wang Plays The Sky Above the Liberated Area
Haiyun Liang Plays Dancing Grains of Fall by Linghai Li
Mimi Meng Plays French Suite No5 BWV 816
Haiyun Liang Plays Strangeness of Heart by H.Somers
Louis Wei plays Polonaise in A Major Op.40 by Chopin
Haiyun Liang plays Spring Dance by Yiqiang Sun