Grade Five Videos

Ryan Wang (5)Plays Russia Variations on a Theme
Xinyi Wang (5) Plays Doll's Dream By T Oesten
Ryan Wang (5) Plays The Children Suite 5 Pieces
Xinyi Wang (5) Plays Ride Toy Pony by EJ Deng
6 Yrs Old Shuqi Li Plays Celebrate Freedom
Shuqi Li (7) plays Mazurka by Tchaikovsky
Wan Chen Plays The Merry Wanderer by G Cornelius
Wan Chen Plays Sweet Sorrow by Burgmuller
6 Yrs Old Shuqi Li Plays Doll's Dream by Oesten
Wan Chen Plays Sonatina in G Major Op36no2 1st mvt
Chen Wang Plays Verso in E Minor By D.Zipoli
Alicia Hu plays A Slow Waltz by D.kabalevsky
6 Years Old Amanda Cheung Plays Celebrate Freedom
Chen Wang Plays Jig By V.Archer
Chen Wang Plays Suite A Fan Ti By L Yang
Jiaxu Chang Plays Celebrate Freedom by Yinghai Li
6 Yrs Old Xinqi Ji Plays Five Small Pieces For Children