Grade Seven Videos

Chen Wan Plays A Joke by Gallant
Chen Wan PlaysThree Blind Mice by Thompson


Shuqi Li (7) plays Sonatina in C Major1&2 mvt
Shuqi Li (7) plays Song of the lark by Tchaikovsky
7 Yrs Old Christina Wei Plays Prelude by Gliere
Jie Chen Plays The Beautiful Blue Danube
Christina Wei plays Little Prelude in D minor by Bach
7 Years Old Christina Wei Plays Arietta
Richard Wang plays Three Blind Mouse by Thompson
Phoebe Pang Plays Song and Dance by L.Papp
Phoebe Pang Plays First Sorrow By B.Godord
Phoebe Pang Plays Solo in F Major by Telemann
Mike Li Plays Song and Dance by L. Papp
Jiaxu Chang Plays Zingana La Hungarian Dance
7 Years Old Ariel Wang plays A Joke by P.Gallant.